Patio Fence Install Completion

Patio fence installations have been completed. All units with patios now have brand new low maintenance fences and they look great.

Please make sure all personal patio items are kept away from fences. Care should be taken to keep plants and bushes away from new fences.

Some bushes have been removed or cut back and new bushes will be installed this September.

No items will be allowed to be attached to, draped or laid against fence once it has been installed. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Rick, Paul, Ray or Greg Talbot.

Clean up and re-adjusting downspouts will begin.

Please remember that nothing shall be installed on the new patio fences and all shrubbery, plants and bushes should be trimmed back away from fences at all times. Cleaning fences can be done with normal household cleaners and water. Try to stay away from any harsh chemicals as in bleach or ammonia based products. We hope you have many years of enjoyment with your new patio fences.

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