Swimming Pool Updates

New contract with Sandy Pools was signed last month. Pool is scheduled to open May 26th. A contract with Re-Deck was signed and repairs to pool decking on the west side of pool area will be ground out and replaced with a material called Graniflex. This material allows some flexibility and will avoid cracks in the future. Once repaired it will look a little different than the original concrete and will be slip resistant. We also chose to have the contractor due a deep cleaning and application of a concrete sealant that will protect our decking for 4-6 years. The protectant is the highest quality hydrophonic penetrating sealant on the market. A decision will be made soon if it will be possible to extend the pad at the gate.

Update as of May 18th. Pool decking has been repaired and decking has been sealed with a water base sealant that should provide protection for several years. Work is still being done on joint cracks and cleaning furniture. Sandy's pool has drained, cleaned and filled pool and will be testing chemicals often to make sure pool chemicals are correct by opening day.

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