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Dominó Del Tren Mexicano / Mexican Train Dominoes

January 01, 2020

We are starting a new game day at Collingwood Pointe.  It's called  Mexican Train Dominos.  If you already know how to play, or you would like to learn, as you enjoy  time with your neighbors, please come.


It's easy to learn, and fun to play.  We will be meeting on the 3rd and 4th Friday afternoons from 1:00 -  4:00 P.M., at the clubhouse.  Both men and women are welcome.  We will begin playing on March 16, and 23.

Click on link below for Mexican train rules and strategies


If you are interested, please contact Nancy Starkloff, or 614-216-3865

Texas Hold'em

January 31, 2020

      The first round of  was held on January 31st and Roger Joswiak was the big winner, "congrats Roger". Outcome was good, we all left with our shirts on. Next date of play will be on February 21st, 2:00 p.m. @ Clubhouse. If interested in joining, contact Andy to be put on list. For dates and copy of rules, please contact Andy or Rick. 


October 06, 2017

Join us on October 6th, 2017 / 6:00 pm @ Clubhouse. Committee members and volunteers, we would like to thank you all for the valuable time and volunteer work you have provided this year to improve our community. Just a small token of our appreciation to all who gave their time and worked with us through many projects. Please send your RSVP to Kay (614-855-5634) ( or GregTalbott ( (614-794-1979) in order to get a count of attendees. Hope to see you all.


August 15, 2017

At approximately 1:04 PM, this August 21st, a major Solar Eclipse will begin.  It will become greater and greater for about an hour and one-half, until (in Columbus) 86% of the Sun will be shadowed at 2:40 PM.  Thereafter the shadow will silently retreat until it disappears at 3:52 PM

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