Road construction and sealant

We have met with contractor to do some repairs to our roads. After repairs and some crack sealing, contractors will schedule or roads for asphalt sealant. Roads and drives will be sectioned off as we have done in the past. We will send out notices to everyone when schedule is completed.

Buildings update/ 4.19

We are currently getting bids for a contractor to inspect and seal all roof vents and chimney caps. The work should take place within the next couple of weeks. Please report any water intrusions to your unit to Rick or Board Member when it occurs so we can take care of problem immediately. Building inspections will be done in the month of May or beginning of June. We will be cleaning and inspecting shutters in May.

Landscape update for 4.19

Our mowing season will begin on April, 25th. Some areas are saturated with all the rain and may be skipped to eliminate any damages. Remember to contact Rick for concerns. Any issues will require an issue form to be filled out and returned to Rick or Board Member. We will be inspecting all bushes sometime in May. Dead bushes will be removed and new bushes installed sometime later in season.

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