Building Repair Updates for 2018

Construction repairs on all units are going very well. The contractors are ahead of schedule and our timeline for completion should be the end of September. There are many separate crews working on several buildings at a time including caulking crews and painting crews. Board members will contact each unit owner prior to scheduled start date on each unit and will ask that all valuable items are taken down prior to construction. Workers could be on a unit for several days depending on damages to be repaired. Once damages are repaired, moisture barrier will be applied, trim and siding will be installed, caulking installed and entire unit will be painted.

Road Construction

Road repairs throughout the community will be scheduled sometime in late September. An inspection on all asphalt surfaces will be done prior to contractor's bid. Procedures for repairs will consist of grinding out bad areas at a depth of 2 1/2" and repairing with new asphalt. These repairs will be done before winter to eliminate areas from deteriorating more through freezing and thawing during winter months. Crack sealing and Seal coating will be scheduled after the repairs. Notifications will be sent out to Community prior to any road closures or work.Please remember to not park on newly repaired areas for a few days. Do not turn your wheels while sitting still on newly repaired areas as i

Landscape Updates

As you know we have been very aggressive with our landscape needs this year. We have cut down and removed many bushes from patio areas and near buildings. We will continue with removals and replacements the beginning of September. Many bushes still remaining near buildings will be removed and not replaced. Bushes that did not survive the winter pruning will be removed and replaced. The 2018 season will continue to be aggressive in order to get our landscape needs under control. We believe next season will show a huge improvement in the Communities appearance along with controlled overgrowth. Thank you all for your patience this season and hopefully next season will be much quieter.


Roof replacements are completed on all buildings. New roofs look great. Gutters and downspouts have been installed. Due to the building construction, some gutters and downspouts have been taken down temporarily and will be re-installed after improvements and painting is completed.

In House Building Repairs

Our in house building repairs are continuing for 2018.. Our in house repairs are completed by volunteers and board members. Shutters are being repaired, cleaned and sprayed with silicone protectant as the painting is completed. Downspouts are being relocated and adjusted correctly on all units. Other repairs are completed as needed including painting of sign post and hydrants, replacing street light fixtures and bulbs, just to name a few. Your commitment to making our community a better place to live is appreciated. THANK YOU to all.

Patio Fence Install Completion

Patio fence installations have been completed. All units with patios now have brand new low maintenance fences and they look great. Please make sure all personal patio items are kept away from fences. Care should be taken to keep plants and bushes away from new fences. Some bushes have been removed or cut back and new bushes will be installed this September. No items will be allowed to be attached to, draped or laid against fence once it has been installed. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Rick, Paul, Ray or Greg Talbot. Clean up and re-adjusting downspouts will begin. Please remember that nothing shall be installed on the new patio fences and all shrubbery, plants and b

Newly Elected Board Member for 2018

We would like everyone to give a warm welcome to our newest Board member in 2018, Ray Starkloff. Ray has been very active in our Community with various projects. He is a member of the Buildings & Grounds Committee and has assisted with maintenance repairs to our buildings and grounds. We believe Ray will be an excellent addition to our team and we are happy to have him on board. When you see him out and about, please take the time to thank him for his time and services to our Community.

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