Building Repairs

A new contract was reviewed and signed on 4/13 with Buck I Roofing. Contractors have started repairs with buildings focusing on priorities. Priorities at this time consist of water damages on inside and exterior of units, mold related, wood boring insects, installing new windows and sale of property. Contractors will be doing an inspection of properties within a few weeks to locate and determine the repairs needed. We cannot make all repairs to every building at once, so it is important to find the units that we consider a priority one and need immediate attention. Some units have had repairs to part of the unit. Those units with partial repairs needed immediate attention due to damages on i

Swimming Pool Updates

New contract with Sandy Pools was signed last month. Pool is scheduled to open May 26th. A contract with Re-Deck was signed and repairs to pool decking on the west side of pool area will be ground out and replaced with a material called Graniflex. This material allows some flexibility and will avoid cracks in the future. Once repaired it will look a little different than the original concrete and will be slip resistant. We also chose to have the contractor due a deep cleaning and application of a concrete sealant that will protect our decking for 4-6 years. The protectant is the highest quality hydrophonic penetrating sealant on the market. A decision will be made soon if it will be possible

Building Inspections

Building committee has started our annual inspections on April 8th. Several committee members will inspect each unit for areas that need repairs and replacements. Men will be looking for repairs like loose gutters and downspouts, loose or broken shutters, lighting, sidewalk sealant missing, downspout extensions at driveways and mulch beds and many other problems that need repaired or replaced. Inspections will take a few weeks and all information will be logged onto a repair list. When list is completed, men will start making repairs from the list. As always we ask for your patience as we only have so many volunteers with the amount of time they can give back to community. Our goal is to fix

Building Construction Update

It's time for building construction season. We signed a new contract on 4/13/17 to start a new year of construction on siding and trim. Contractors have been out on one unit with water damage and finishing up this week. Priorities on water damage, sales of units and new windows will be at the top of our priority list. Contractors will be inspecting buildings within the next few weeks and determining a repair priority list. If you have noticed any water damage in your unit especially around windows, let us know so we can inspect and determine damage. Our goal for this year is to repair as much damage as possible with the budgeted funds in place. Caulking will be inspected again and repaired a

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